BrightPath Sherwood Park Childcare Centre

About Our BrightPath Sherwood Park Chilcare Centre

Come visit one of our BrightPath childcare centres near you in Sherwood Park. We develop children’s social, emotional, and physical needs as they grow and develop throughout their journey. Our childcare programs nourish the body with physical activities combined with a nutrition-based menu. We inspire each child to grow by sharing a love of knowledge through inclusive practices and creativity. Our childcare centres have big commercial kitchens, providing an ideal space for meal and snack preparation onsite daily. Outdoor play areas offer space to learn and explore in safe, age-appropriate environments. We emphasise teamwork and we are very proud of our team of long-term childcare staff. With a passion for childcare, our early childhood educators support each other and create an environment that allows for consistency in care and an overall sense of calm in the centre. Drop by for a tour of our BrightPath Sherwood Park centre near you!

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BrightPath Sherwood Park

BrightPath Sherwood Park

Visit our BrightPath Sherwood Park daycare centre near you. Our daycare features large, open-concept classrooms and two outdoor play spaces. Our dedicated and long-term daycare educators create a consistent “second home” for the children and a sense of community our parents cherish. The daycare's indoor gym provides a space for all age groups to play in inclement weather so when the outdoor areas cannot be used due to rain or severe temperatures, there is still a place to run and expend extra energy. This space also allows the centre to run extra-curricular recreational programming such as dance, karate and sports jam throughout most of the year.

20 Main Boulevard
Sherwood Park, AB