Premium child care with a mastery-based curriculum that gives every child the best start in life.

The Montessori Difference

At Montessori by BrightPath, we foster learning through a mastery-based curriculum that encourages each child to develop into a capable, kind, caring, and thoughtful person who is not afraid to act independently. Children learn to read and write with ease and develop an understanding of mathematics through an exploration of concepts in concrete form.

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Montessori Areas of Learning

Practical Life

One of the first ways children become independent is through mastery of ‘everyday’ tasks such as spooning, pouring, doing up buttons, and putting on jackets. In the Montessori classroom, there are materials designed that specifically focus on these skills.

practical life


The Sensorial area of the classroom is designed to help child order their experience of the world. Through interaction with carefully prepared materials, a child experiences a physical understanding of short and long, smooth and rough, heavy and light, and all the grades in between.



Maria Montessori spoke at great length about the child’s ability to ‘absorb’ language. Unconsciously absorbing their mother tongue when they are toddlers, Casa students learn to consciously investigate both spoken and written language.



The Mathematics materials developed by Montessori demonstrate a thorough understanding of the developmental stages of mathematical understanding that a young child progresses through.

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The Cultural area of a Montessori classroom includes activities focused on the areas of Science, Art, and Music. The Science materials include studies in Botany, Zoology, History, and Geography.


What Montessori by BrightPath Families Think About Us

"This is a great Montessori school with caring and professional earlychildhood educators. Our daughter has learned so much and has fun every single day there. She loves all her teachers, but especially the centre director, Miss Lindsay. So much so, that we will be keeping her there for JK. It's very hard to find genuinely caring teachers and we feel very lucky to have found this centre. Learning through playing is the best method and we can see the progress on a daily basis though pictures and reports."
Andrew Ma

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