Before & After School Care


BrightPath recognizes the developing physical, intellectual and social competency and independence of the school-aged child. They are creative and seek new challenges and BrightPath offers an enriched environment that fosters their growing needs. The KidZone program caters to each child with early childhood educators trained in adaptive, child-led and project-based learning. The program meets the children’s individual and/or group interests, while offering a wide variety of creative and skill development options. The environment is categorized into zones equipped with materials to enrich the children’s creativity.

These zones are divided into: Homework, Creativity, Science, Community, Theatre & Music, Technology, Library and Construction. Activities in each zone are varied, for example, the Technology Zone integrates the STEM program and incorporates science, technology, engineering and math concepts while the Theatre Zone provides on outlet for creativity and develops confidence and self-esteem. The Homework Zone provides a quiet place to finish school projects with the optional support by the early childhood educators.

Combinations of clubs are offered; the children pick and plan their clubs according to their interest resulting in a child-guided program. The clubs align with children’s interests and encourage them to explore their own abilities and skills creating a pathway for inquisitive and independent thinkers. Furthermore, the KidZone program offers opportunities to build relationships, interact socially and develop leadership capabilities.