Recreational Programs

Learn, Get Active and Have Fun

As an option, your children can participate in an immersive program including multiple dance styles, multi-sport, karate, enriched reading or enhanced early math classes. We offer small class sizes led by passionate and enthusiastic instructors and facilitated within a fun and encouraging environment.

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Early Readers

A strong base in early literacy is the best gift you can give your child. Our early readers program is a compliment to our robust reading curriculum and reinforces concepts of letter knowledge and phonetic awareness. The program teaches children the basic concepts of literacy to begin reading and offers strategies which include small group instruction, movement, fine motor skills and games. Your child will find their confidence and learn to love reading!

*Please contact your centre for details.


Junior Mathletes

This program is an extension of our math curriculum, ideal for children aged four to six and is a wonderful way to get kids ready for preschool and kindergarten. Children will learn early math concepts and numeracy through play and fun activities. The concepts include understanding size, shape and patterns, counting verbally (first forward, then backward), recognizing numerals, identifying more and less of a quantity, understanding one-to-one correspondence, etc.

*Please contact your centre for details.



Our dance programs provide instruction in a variety of dance styles with a focus on creating a solid technique base while having fun and working on unique choreography. Our children learn the ever-important technical base for each style. We also believe that being a well-rounded dancer today means more than just learning the technique – there needs to be a deliberate focus on developing dance expression and individual style – the “wow” factor.

*Please contact your centre for details.


Sports Jam

Sports Jam is a multi-sport program that includes soccer, basketball, football and more. The program is designed to teach kids the gross motor skills they need to get in the game, including balance, stamina, strength and coordination. Knowing that kids learn best while they play, the program creates learning in a fun, supportive, non-competitive setting, encouraging teamwork and exposing children to various sports so one day they may pick their favourite to pursue!

*Please contact your centre for details.



A Japanese martial art that develops the use of both body and mind, Karate builds on a philosophy of perseverance and discipline. We offer several different karate programs to suit a variety of ages and skill levels. Participants work with our qualified instructors in a non-competitive, fun and safe environment while gaining strength, confidence, health and fitness.

*Please contact your centre for details.