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About Our BrightPath Newmarket Childcare Centre

Welcome to our BrightPath childcare centre near you in Newmarket where pride ourselves on our family-like atmosphere. Childcare is important to us which is why we are dedicated to helping all families and their children. We are dedicated to providing a welcoming and safe childcare environment and we are accommodating to each child’s needs and parents’ busy schedules. Our childcare centre provides a feeling of home with a tight-knit staff of committed and loving childcare educators that are set on providing a quality learning experience to each child that walks through our doors.

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BrightPath Newmarket

BrightPath Newmarket

With a very stable team of early childhood educators, our BrightPath Newmarket daycare prides itself on having a family-like atmosphere and dedication to helping all families and adapting to their needs and schedules. Our daycare is flexible and ensures to always acoomdate families to the best of our ability. This daycare features two large playgrounds with age-appropriate learning material and climbers for the children to engage and play with. When the weather is too cold, wet or hot, children can use the daycare’s two indoor gyms to ensure they can still participate in physical activity and burn off extra energy.

17310 Yonge St
Newmarket, ON