BrightPath Chestermere Childcare Centre

About our BrightPath Chestermere Centre

Come visit us at our BrightPath Chestermere childcare centre near you! Our centre is spacious with a lakeside view, large open classrooms and playgrounds for children to enjoy. We offer recreational childcare programs which include a variety of active programs. These options range from dance and gymnastics/acro to karate and multi-sports classes. We also offer Early Learning Programs to assist with reading and math skills, which provide a unique opportunity to reinforce essential learning skills in a small group setting. Families are encouraged to visit our childcare centre during operating hours to experience first-hand the educational programs offered to children. Don't wait, visit out BrightPath Chestermere childcare centre near you!

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BrightPath Chestermere

BrightPath Chestermere offers children a safe and secure daycare environment to learn, play and grow. Our daycare educators provide children with the tools to develop a love of learning and we offer a friendly and inclusive daycare environment where children can be themselves and learn freely. At our BrightPath Chestermere daycare, we encourage the participation of parents/guardians, extended families and members of the community in our daycare to enrich the programs and care provided to children.

100 Main Street
Chestermere, AB