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Our BrightPath Bolton childcare centre provides children with developmentally and age-appropriate activities and learning experiences. Our outdoor spaces give children the chance to grow and learn outside of the classroom. Our team of wonderful childcare educators provides a warm atmosphere where both children and parents can feel safe and welcome. Our childcare centre is smaller, providing families with the feeling of a close-knit community.

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BrightPath Bolton

Welcome to our BrightPath Bolton Daycare Centre. Our daycare is uniquely designed with beautiful large windows allowing the natural light to shine in. Children are free to roam and discover in our large outdoor daycare area, providing ample opportunities for learning about nature and the world around them. Observing the children learn through exploration and fun activities is what we love most and our dedicated early childhood educators instil a love of learning in each infant, toddler & preschooler that comes through the doors of our daycare centre.

1-14 McEwan Dr W
Bolton, ON