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About Our BrightPath Leduc Childcare Centre

Come visit our BrightPath Leduc childcare centre near you today! The warm and welcoming atmosphere is the first thing that people notice when entering our Leduc childcare centre. Our childcare centre offers a variety of age and developmentally appropriate activities that aim to provide a balanced learning environment where children are free to observe, ask questions, experiment and explore. Our childcare centre is filled with rich and developmentally appropriate materials for children to learn and play. Our loving childcare educators are passionate about children’s growth and education. Drop by and visit us at our BrightPath Leduc childcare centre near you and take a tour of our facilities!

Visit our Leduc Childcare Centre Today!

BrightPath Leduc Daycare

BrightPath Leduc

At our BrightPath Leduc daycare, our globally experienced daycare educators share their multicultural life experiences and lessons with the children. Our daycare has an outdoor play space which is shaded by mature trees, which are part of the natural landscape. The daycare's outdoor area allows us to expand the classroom to the outdoors no matter the season. Children are encouraged to explore the natural settings outside of our daycare and learn about the world around them through discovery.

5010 48A Street
Leduc, AB