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About Our BrightPath Georgetown Childcare Centre

Visit our BrightPath Georgetown childcare centre near you and experience our warm and welcoming learning environment. BrightPath Georgetown prides itself on our long-term childcare staff. Our childcare educators are like one big family with a passion and dedication for early childhood learning. They enjoy watching the children grow through each stage and milestone from infants all the way to preschool. The centre offers classrooms and outdoor learning spaces based on each age and stage of development. Infants are provided with an independent outdoor space to explore and learn in whereas older age groups have access to a separate natural outdoor learning space to aid the development of their physical and cognitive skills. Drop by our BrightPath Georgetown centre near you today!

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BrightPath Georgetown

BrightPath Georgetown provides children with an award-winning & innovative daycare curriculum. At the end of the day, we want you to think of our daycare as a home-away-from-home. After all, no transition is easy and we believe that if your child is not in your loving care, they should be in the safest and most nurturing daycare environments that allow them to play, grow, aspire and dream! So, let their journey begin here, with us!

68-78 Main St N, Unit 12
Georgetown, ON