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    46 Ontario Child Care Centres to Serve You!

    Burlington All Locations

    Burlington Centre

    The BrightPath Burlington daycare staff are passionate about children and ensuring they help foster their adventurous and curious spirit with engaging activities and interactions.


    Barrie Centre

    Our BrightPath Barrie daycare staff aims to provide a well-balanced learning environment where children are free to observe, question, experiment and explore.

    Bolton All Locations

    Bolton Centre

    At BrightPath Bolton, children are free to roam and discover in our large outdoor area, providing ample opportunities for learning about nature and the world around them.

    Brampton All Locations

    Brampton Centres

    BrightPath Brampton centres provide children with activities that give them the opportunity to freely explore, ask questions and see where their imagination will lead them.


    Cambridge Centres

    BrightPath Cambridge daycares have a family feel, ensuring that families and children feel at home when they are with us.

    Georgetown All Locations

    Georgetown Centre

    BrightPath Georgetown provides families with an inclusive and supportive atmosphere in which we believe our children as curious explorers, are ready to learn in our nurturing and adventurous environment.

    Kitchener All Locations

    Kitchener Waterloo Centre

    BrightPath Kitchener ensures that each child at our daycare is supported in every way to ensure happiness and success during their early years of development.

    Markham All Locations

    Markham Centre

    At our BrightPath Markham centre, our classrooms provide a prepared environment where children are free to respond to their natural drives to work and learn.

    Milton All Locations

    Milton Centre

    BrightPath Milton centre allows your child to learn, grow and discover a world of knowledge at their own pace.

    Mississauga All Locations

    Mississauga Centres

    Our Mississauga daycares support the unique individuals that children are and our educators instil a love of learning in each and every child.

    Newmarket All Locations

    Newmarket Centre

    With a very stable team of early childhood educators, our BrightPath Newmarket daycare prides itself on having a family-like atmosphere and providing children with a safe and secure learning environment.

    Oakville All Locations

    Oakville Centre

    BrightPath Oakville childcare centre provides a feeling of home with a tight-knit staff of committed and loving educators that are set on providing all children with a quality learning experience.

    Ottawa All Locations

    Ottawa Centres

    Our BrightPath Ottawa daycares focus on educating children through self-directed activity, collaborative play and individual development.

    Toronto All Locations

    Toronto Centres

    BrightPath Toronto centres provide an children with an educational experience and educators that have a passion for childcare. Our educators create an environment that allows for consistency in care and an overall sense of calm in our centres.

    Vaughan All Locations

    Vaughan Centres

    BrightPath Vaughan childcare centres follow structured routines, a play-based and child-led curriculum and maintain a caring family feel in our centres.

    Kelowna All Locations

    Waterdown Centre

    At our BrightPath Waterdown centre, we strive to make our centre comfortable for each child and to make it feel welcoming to each family that comes through the doors of our daycare. We are a very community-focused centre.

    Windsor All Locations

    Windsor Centres

    Our BrightPath Windsor centres have enthusiastic and skilled daycare educators that implement engaging programs for children requiring care from infancy through to school-aged care.