Holiday Countdown: Day 8 Snowman Creation

1 min
Dec 17, 2018

If you want that winter wonderland feeling without having to deal with the cold, we have a craft that you can do with the kids.

Cotton Ball Snowman

Shallow container (I used an empty lid)
Craft glue
Cotton balls
Craft paper
Snowman template (optional)-available for download at the end of this post
Scissors (optional)
Snowman decoration ideas:
Googly eyes
  • Print out the snowman template on craft paper or have child make their own snowman without the template. Give child a shallow container with some glue and have them dip the cotton balls in it and stick them on their snowman.

Snowman Template link

  • Have child glue decorations onto their snowman.
Craft sourced from Little Pinch of Perfect