We are excited to announce the opening of our new purpose-built daycare centre, BrightPath Legacy, in Calgary, Alberta.

Open as of Monday, March 14. 2022, creativeness is at the heart of this beautifully designed childcare facility. Inspired by the magical world of nature and ingenuity, BrightPath Legacy challenges the culture of innovative early childhood education.

The building is the vision of our Development and Education team with custom-designed spacious classrooms, small designated learning spaces, a natural enchanted outdoor play space and a performance/gym studio space which provides children with a large indoor environment and gymnasium to learn and move in daily.

In the classrooms, learning, creativity, and exploration are at the forefront of everything we do. Our childcare team brings forth a diverse and unique blend of experiences, knowledge, and talents which allows children to thrive and to become lifelong learners, makers-and-doers, and possibility-thinkers as well as being ready for future transitions.

The inquiry-based curriculum sparks wonder and keeps children motivated to explore, create, adapt, persevere, and collaborate. Decades of daycare experience and childcare research tell us that children learn best when they are allowed to follow their own interests and explore real-world concepts through hands-on learning at their own pace.

Our approach allows for meaningful and child-centered education where both adults and children engage together in the inquiry process as they create, connect, and collaborate. Individual aptitudes, skills, knowledge, and needs will determine how complex a project becomes and how teachers will plan their role in guiding and supporting children’s progress. BrightPath Legacy’s program is instilled with unique focus areas including Essential Skills to help children develop the skills necessary for everyday life tasks. Furthermore, Global Citizenship and Environmental Stewardship are at the forefront of the curriculum to help children in becoming ambassadors of the earth and help students grow as individuals with critical thinking skills necessary to improve their world.

Training and professional development are also at the heart of our vision. We cannot underestimate the impact of high-quality teaching in early childhood. At our daycare centre in Legacy (and in all our BrightPath centres), educators are provided with continued professional development to help support our curriculum and program delivery. Our educators are skilled at nurturing children’s understanding of the world and themselves as they build on their individual needs, talents, interests, and questions with hands-on project-based learning. 

Enquire online or visit our childcare centre in Legacy, Calgary and experience our state-of-the-art learning facility where we foster intellectual, emotional, and physical growth in children.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to BrightPath Legacy with open arms!