Learning at Home Preschool Week 1

2 min
Apr 2, 2020

Language Development

Wheel Hunt

Take a walk around your house, garage and outside to look for items with wheels. Try to find some unusual items (pulley, gears, etc.), too. Make a list to see how many you can find. Making a pair of binoculars out of rolled paper can add to the fun.
Sing “The Wheels on the Bus”

Social-Emotional Development

Calming Strategy

Intentional breathing strategies bring oxygen to the brain to help children focus and restore calm. Let’s try the Pretzel strategy!
Have your child cross their arms across their chest and take three deep breaths.

Physical Literacy

Riding Bikes and Scooters

Go outside and ride a bike, tricycle, or scooter. Ask: What do you think would happen if wheels were square? Experiment with rolling a ball and a block down a ramp. Discuss what happens.

Cognitive Development

One to One Correspondence-Cars and Garages Materials:

10 small toy cars (if you don’t have cars you could print some pictures off the internet or draw some), paper cut into rectangles to represent garages. Encourage your child to park one car in each garage. You can make a game of changing the number of cars or garages and asking your child to determine if there are more cars or more garages or if the sets are equal.
Mealtime is a great time to practice one-to-one correspondence! Invite your children to help set up the dinner table. Encourage them to set a plate, spoon, fork, cup, etc. for each person.

Creative Activity

Drawing with Cars:

Attach a marker or a crayon to a toy car with tape or a rubber band. Drive the car around on a piece of paper and watch a picture appear.

Additional Resources

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