Learning at Home Pre-Kindergarten Week 24

4 min
Aug 26, 2020

Social-Emotional Development

Take A Breath 

Sometimes children just need to take a breath and decompress especially with the ‘new normal’ of life. Take a minute and listen to one of Raffi’s songs ‘Take a Breath’. Remember to take a breath when Raffi takes a breath. Click on the link to follow along https://soundcloud.com/rounder-records/raffi-take-a-breath-the-self-reg-song

Cognitive Development

Cat in the Hat Cup Stack

Get building with your little one in this stacking game inspired by Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in The Hat. Help them build their cognitive skills by determining how to make the cups stand tall without falling!

You will need:
• Red and White Large and Small Cups
• Construction paper or index cards
• The Cat in The Hat Book (optional)

How to Play:
1. Prep for this activity by cutting squares of paper appropriate to the size of the cups you will be using.
2. Set out the stack of cups and the paper squares. Invite your kids to stack the cat’s hat! Make sure to support their counting skills as they build too!
3. If you have the book The Cat in The Hat make sure to read it together too!

Language Development

The Cat in The Hat Alphabet Fishbowl Sensory Game

Developing language and literacy skills does not always mean reading books or singing songs, it can also be done in with sensory.

You will need:
• White Paper
• Large construction paper
• Contact paper
• Black sharpie marker
• Plastic letters
• Plastic fishbowl or container
• Water container
• Measuring Cup

How to Play: 

  1. With your child gather the letters of the alphabet.
  2. Lay them out in a row in ABC order verbalizing the letters and the sounds that they make.
  3. Using the Bristol board create an alphabet mat for them to match the letters onto.
  4. Place letters into the fishbowl
  5. Have your child fill the fishbowl with water – use the measuring cup to support pouring in 3 cups * add more if needed *
  6. Encourage your child to find the letters in the fishbowl by using a fishnet or using a fine-meshed strainer and place them onto the alphabet play mat to help with letter recognition. If you have a child already knowledgeable with their letters have them identify or spell out the letter of the names in your family

Physical Literacy

Fox in Socks Toss

Get moving with this simple physical activity!

You will need: 

    • Socks – make sure the socks are unmatched and pile them up.
    • Laundry basket or bin – one for each of you

    How to Play:

    1. Setting a timer for 5 minutes have you and your child match all the socks as fast as you can while tossing it into their own laundry bin.
    2.  Once the timer is completed count out how many was thrown into the bin for each participant.
    3. Whoever has the most wins!
    4. If you want to further this activity, try creating an obstacle course between your child and the laundry bin. Encourage them to match the socks and go through the obstacle course as fast as they can.

    Creative Activity

    Oh! The Places You Will Go craft

    You will need:
    • Cardstock paper – any colour
    • Washi Tape or painters’ tape of varying colours
    • White paint
    • Markers
    • Large pom-pom
    • Scissors
    • Glue


    1. Start by dipping the pom-pom into the white paint and dabbing it onto the cardstock and let it dry – these will be your clouds
    2.  Cut a hot air balloon shape out of your cardstock paper – cut out as many as you want!
    3. Using washi tape or painters’ tape, decorate your hot air balloons. Fold over any pieces that hang over
    4. Put some glue on the back of the hot air balloons and glue them onto your cloud background
    5. Finish it off by using a market to create baskets to your hot air balloon.