Learning at Home Preschool Week 4

2 min
Apr 9, 2020

Social-Emotional Development

Calming Strategy-Buzz Breathing

Take a few minutes to practice some breathing with your child. Pretend to be the wind blowing a sailboat. Take a deep breath and exhale with a loud “swoosh”. Repeat several times.

Cognitive Development

Order and Quality

Create three sets of legos, small blocks, paper clips or other small items from around the house: a set of one, a set of two and a set of three. Ask which set has the most and which has the fewest. Ask your child to order the sets from fewest to most and then most to fewest. Discuss which set is first, second and third.

Language Development


Tongue Twisters are great to support alliteration (repeated beginning sounds of words). See how fast and slow you can your children can repeat these phrases:

Sally sells silly silk slippers.
Pedro paints pretty posies.
Bill builds big buildings.
Help your child write their own tongue twister.

Physical Literacy

Tie a ribbon to an end of a wooden spoon from the kitchen (or a shower ring) and play some music – ‘Baby Shark’ will get your child moving-encourage him to swirl, dance, twirl etc. with his ribbons in the air.


Creative Activity

Make a simple paper kite

Materials: ice cube tray or small cups, food coloring, craft sticks or plastic spoons, paper.

Freeze a variety of strongly colored water in an ice cube tray or small cups. Place a craft stick or spoon in each cube or cup. Hint: To help hold the sticks in place cover the ice cube tray with a piece of foil and poke the sticks through the foil. Place in the freezer. Once frozen, remove the ice paint from the tray or cup and use it to paint a picture on the paper.

Additional Resources

TumbleBook Library has a large selection of books, both fiction and non-fiction, that are read aloud.

There are also some French and Spanish titles available. You will find some National Geographic videos and games on this site, too. You do not need a library membership to access.  https://calgarylibrary.ca/read-learn-and-explore/digital-library/tumblebook-library/

https://handsonaswegrow.com/activities/preschool-activities/ - Find a variety of activities to try with your 3-5-year-old on this website. The activity categories include learning, creativity, gross motor and fine motor.