Learning at Home Infant Week 19

2 min
Jul 24, 2020

Cognitive Development

Heart Hunt

Cut out several hearts from red construction paper. Hide all the hearts, except one, around the room. Show the heart to your little one and ask them to find the hidden hearts. Hide the hearts so that they can be seen or partially seen, depending on the ability of your little one.

Physical Literacy

Run to the Sun

Use a yellow or orange ball or a circle cut from yellow or orange construction paper to represent the sun. Place the “sun” in a grassy area. Use a piece of yarn to mark a start line and encourage your little one to run to the sun and back.

Social-Emotional Development

Gently Rock

Show your little one how to gently rock a baby doll or favourite stuffed animal while singing “Rock-a-Bye Baby” or your family’s favourite lullaby. Demonstrate how to hold the baby gently and rock it slowly. Encourage your little one to sing along, even if they only know a few words.

Language Development

Hand It to Me

[caption id="attachment_17446" align="alignnone" width="300"] Babys, less than a year old, playing with a toys on a background of green grass[/caption]

Gather a collection of toys. Sit on the floor with your infant and ask him to hand you a specific toy. If they don’t recognize the word, hold the toy and repeat its name. Place this toy aside. After you have asked for two or three more toys ask for the one you set aside again. Play this game often.

Creative Activity

Ice Painting

Fill a few holes of an ice cube tray with coloured water. You can use food colouring or unsweetened Kool-Aid to colour the water. Freeze. Once frozen, head outside on a sunny day. Provide a large piece of paper for your little one. Give them the ice cubes to explore. The melting coloured ice cubes will leave marks on the paper.