Speech & Language Week 9

2 min
May 11, 2020

Spring Bingo

• This activity is ideal for kids who are building up their vocabulary skills. It encourages the use of nouns (naming things, e.g. ‘tree’), adjectives (using descriptions, e.g. ‘cloudy’), and verbs (actions, e.g. ‘splashing’).
• Your child can practice single words or use phrases.
• To practice single words, label the picture and have your child copy. Or ask your child “What is it?”. You can also give choice options “Is it a picture
of splashing or swimming?”).
• To practice phrases, model a short sentence such as “I see a ”, “I like ”, “Here is a___”, etc. for your child to copy. It can help to tap out the words so your child feels the rhythm as you talk.

How to Play Spring Bingo:

• There are 6 Caller Cards provided for up to six players and two pages with pictures on the Draw Sheet. You do not need to print out all six Caller
Cards if you will have less than six players, but you will need to print out all of the Draw Sheet pictures.
• Give each player their own Caller Card. Cut out the individual pictures on the Draw Sheet and put them into a bag or a box.
• Pull pictures from the bag or box one at a time. Every player who has a picture on their own Caller Card that matches the card drawn can cover up their matching picture. You can use small items (e.g. Bingo chips, quarters, buttons, etc.) or you can use a marker to cross the pictures off.
• The first player with all of their pictures covered wins!

• To play a fast version of the game, say that the first person to make a full line down,
across, or diagonally wins.
• To play a non-competitive version, work together to find all of the pictures on a card.

Extend to Real Life

• Take one of the Caller Cards with you when you go for a walk, or when you play in your backyard. Use the pictures as a Scavenger
Hunt to find everything on your card!

Download your own Bingo Sheets here!