Speech & Language July 6th - July 10th

2 min
Jun 30, 2020

Preposition Tic Tac Toe

Prepositions are also known as our ‘location words’. In this activity, the prepositions are split into three groups so that your child can learn them in smaller chunks. The last activity includes all of the prepositions for an added challenge.
  • Gameboard 1 (Easiest): in/on/under
  • Gameboard 2 (Medium): in front/behind/beside
  • Gameboard 3 (Medium): over/around/between
  • Gameboard 4 (Challenging): in/on/under/in front/behind/beside/over/around/between.
How to Play:
  • If you would like to play multiple times with the same gameboard, print it out and put it in a page protector so you can use a dry erase marker that can be wiped away for multiple plays. Or you can use tokens to cover up the pictures (e.g. one person can use dimes and the other person quarters).
  • Make one player ‘X’ and the other player ‘O’. Take turns putting an ‘X’ or an ‘O’ on a space on the gameboard, labelling the preposition shown in the picture as you play.
  • The player who gets 3 X’s or 3 O’s in a row wins! You can get 3 in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. There may also be no winner if all the spaces are filled and neither player has 3 in a row. This is called a “Cat’s Game”.
Other Games to Teach Prepositions:
  • Get a chair and practice having your child move their body in different locations around the chair as you label where your child is in relation to the chair.
  • Move small objects around a box (or drive a toy car around) and say where the object is.
  • Play ‘Hide and Seek’ with toys (or hide pieces to a puzzle) and give your child hints about where to look (e.g. “Look behind the pillow”).
  • Play ‘Follow the Leader’. Say out loud where you are going (e.g. “We are going over the cushion”).
Click here to download Preposition Tic Tac Toe Gameboards