Learning at Montessori Week 8

2 min
May 10, 2020

Practical Life

Colander And Pipe Cleaners

This is a fun and quite simple activity. Have your child thread pipe cleaners through the holes in a colander. The unique designs awaken your child’s creativity and imagination. It helps build their pincer grip which is essential for writing skills.

Math Activity

Number Clip Cards

These counting cards are a great way to teach numbers the Montessori way. The child simply ‘pins’ the correct number and learns number recognition at the same time. You can draw out these cards yourself, print them or make it an activity with your child. You will need clothes pins so the child can clip the correct number after counting the items.

Language Activity

Clothes pins words

Clothes pins words spark creativity and letter recognition in a small child’s mind. These are easy to make and a wonderful way to teach the connection between the alphabet and words. Write some words on card stick cards, write the letter in wooden clothes pins. Let the child match the letters to the words, read and sound out the alphabet with them.


Matching Games

Matching Games teach hand-eye coordination and are the beginning of learning word match and recognition. Print out some photos of animals, cut out the cards and use animals to match the items. This can be done with anything at home, play food, shapes etc.

Creative Activity

Miniature Weaving

Miniature Weaving is an activity that will unleash an older child’s creativity and more than a little imagination. Please click on the link to get a list of materials and guidelines for this activity.

Additional resources:

www.stevespanglerscience.com - Click on the Free at Home Experiments in the upper right-hand corner to access hundreds of at home science experiments.

https://www.seussville.com/ - Dr. Seuss themed printable pages, activities, crafts and more.