Learning at Home Toddler Week 6

2 min
Apr 22, 2020

Social-Emotional Development

Crying Babies

In the story, “Wheels on the Bus” there are some sad, crying babies.  Using a baby doll or stuffed animal, talk about sad feelings.  How can we make the baby feel better?  Model a calming strategy such as intentional breathing.  Breathe like the people on the bus.  Inhale for going up and exhale for going down.

Cognitive Development

Things that Roll

Provide a basket of items that roll (toy cars, rolling pin, crayon) and items that do not roll (block, book, shoe).  Invite your child to sort the items into two groups: things that roll and things that do not roll.  Encourage your child to name the items and offer help for those they do not recognize.

Language Development

Wheels on the Bus

Sing the song “Wheels on the Bus” or join us for BrightPath Storytime on Instagram or Facebook to listen to the story. 

To expand on the story, set up some chairs in your home to look like a bus.  Role play with your child while you sing the song.  Talk about how people use the bus to travel.  Where could you go with your bus?  What will you see on the way?

Physical Literacy

Bus Driving

With your child, decorate a recycled box like a bus.  Provide an opportunity for your child to sit in the box or put their legs through so they can walk around and drive their bus.

Creative Activity

Sound Makers

Staple two paper plates together with dry kidney beans inside.  Decorate the paper plates to make a beautiful tambourine.  Sing and shake your tambourine!

Additional Resources

Visit NASA’s website to view a collection of stories, games, videos and at-home activities for children in grades K-12.

Kate Messner.com: A collection of favourite authors and illustrators share resources that include video read-aloud, drawing and writing lessons