Learning at Home Toddler Week 20

2 min
Jul 30, 2020

Social-Emotional Development

Breathing Walk

Deep breathing can help your child relieve stress and manage emotions. Take a breathing walk with your child. Take a few steps and inhale. Take a few more steps and exhale. Continue until you have taken five or six deep breaths.

Cognitive Development

Counting Wheels

Go around your home with your child and hunt for items with wheels (small toy cars, pizza cutter, your car, bicycle, scooter, tricycle, wagon, stroller, etc.) to practice counting. Count the wheels on each item you find.

Language Development

Neighbourhood Walk

Go for a neighbourhood walk with your child. While you are walking call attention to the ways people move (walk with feet, pull wagon, push stroller) and call attention to transportation vehicles you see. Ex. “I see a red truck.” Ask your child what modes of transportation they see..

Physical Literacy

Bicycle Exercise 

Show your child how to lie on their back and move their legs as if pedalling a bicycle. Encourage your child to pedal fast and slow.

When outside, your child can practice riding their tricycle or bicycle.

Creative Activity

Wagon Fun

Encourage your child to paint or decorate a cardboard box and glue black circles to the sides to represent the wheels on a wagon. Talk with them about how many wheels the wagon has. Once the paint has dried attach a short string to the box. Your child can then load, pull and unload their “wagon”.

Additional Resources:

https://www.commonsensemedia.org/ – This website is a source of entertainment and technology recommendations for families on movies, books, apps and games and websites.

https://www.funbrain.com/ – A collection of educational games, books and videos for Pre-K through Grade 8 children.