Learning at Home Toddler Week 11

2 min
May 29, 2020

Social-Emotional Development

Make a Wish

Many people believe that ladybugs are good luck. Some people believe that if a ladybug lands on them, they can make a wish and it will come true. Ask children what wish they would make if a ladybug landed on them. Share what your wish would be.

Cognitive Development

Counting Spots

Draw ladybugs on paper, large enough to draw in a variety of spots on each one.  Support your child in adding spots to each ladybug.  Count the number of spots added.  Print the number beside the ladybug that corresponds with the drawing.

Language Development

Ladybug Search

Ladybugs are important to our ecosystem. When outside with your child, spend some time trying to find a ladybug. Ladybugs like lush plants and rose bushes. When you find one, describe how the ladybug looks. Encourage your child to ask questions about the ladybug. If you are not able to find one, continue the conversation by asking your child where they think the ladybugs are.

Physical Literacy

Follow the Path

Using sidewalk chalk, make a fly zone with lines or pathways on your driveway or sidewalk.  Participate with your child, flying like a dragonfly to follow the pathway.  Go fast, go slow. 

Creative Activity

Homemade Bingo Dabbers

Provide a plastic water bottle with red-coloured water or paint inside.  Using a make-up sponge secured by an elastic band, ensure there is a completely covered seal on the water bottle.  Demonstrate for your child how the water bottle can be turned upside down to make marks on a paper or tray.


Additional Resources:

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