Learning at Home Preschool Week 2

2 min
Apr 1, 2020

Language Development

Things that Fly

Brainstorm and make two lists with your child. One of things that fly with wings that move and one of things that fly with wings that don’t move. Count how many of each you have on your list. From your list of things that fly with wings that don’t move, discuss what the person who flies each item is called. For example: space shuttle-astronaut, airplane-pilot or aviator.

Encourage your child might want to draw a picture of their favourite thing that flies.

Social-Emotional Development

Calming Strategy

Intentional breathing strategies to help children shut off the body’s fight or flight response to stress. Here is a way to make deep breathing fun.

Encourage your child to flap their arms gently as if they have bird wings. Have your child inhale as they raise their “wings” and exhale as they lower their “wings”.

Physical Literacy


Place a 3m piece of tape on the floor (painter’s tape works well, be sure to remove it when you are done with the activity) or string taped to the floor. If you are outside you could draw a line on the sidewalk with chalk or use a 2 x 4 placed on the ground. Have your child walk on the tape with their arms out like wings. For a challenge, your child can go fast or try to balance a bean bag or small stuffed toy on his/her head as he/she walks on the tape line.

Cognitive Development

Making Patterns

Make small paper airplanes-6 each of two colours or cut 6-5 cm x 5 cm squares each of two different colours of paper. Have your child work on making an AB (blue, red) pattern with the paper airplanes or squares.

Challenge: Once your child is successful with making an AB pattern, have them try making an AAB (blue, blue, red) pattern.

Creative Activity

Find some recycled treasures in your home (paper towel rolls, boxes, wrapping paper, crayons, markers, large plastic containers, Tupperware etc.) and encourage your child to create one of the items from your lists of things that fly. You will need some tape, glue or string, etc. to fasten things together.

Additional Resources

https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/littlekids/ - This website contains videos, slide shows and games of animals and countries around the world.

https://frugalfun4boys.com/ - This website is full of ideas for boys and girls of all ages. Click on the “all posts” button in the upper right-hand corner of the home page. It will take you to a menu to choose the age group you are interested in finding activities for.