Learning at Home Preschool Week 19

2 min
Jul 24, 2020

Social-Emotional Development


Celebrate the warmer weather with this calming strategy called Sunbeam.

Have your child spread their arms wide, pretending they are the sun and their arms are sunbeams. Tell them to let all their stress drain from their dangling fingertips as they slowly inhale and exhale.

Cognitive Development

Cloud Counting

Cut out 10 cloud shapes and label with the numbers 0-9. Provide 45 cotton balls for your child. Encourage your child to place the correct number of cotton balls on each cloud.
When outside count the clouds in the sky with your child and look for images in the clouds.

Language Development

Weather Talk

Brainstorm weather words with your child. (rain, snow, sunny, cloudy, thunder, lightning, hurricane, tornado, etc.) Have your child draw a weather picture. Talk about the weather outside daily.

Physical Literacy

Puddle Stomp

Put a small amount of water in a container large enough for your child to stand in comfortably. Encourage them to stomp in the “puddle” and lift their knees higher for bigger splashes. As your child is lifting their leg to stomp, they are improving their balancing skills by standing on one leg. Jumping is fun too.

Creative Activity

Rain Painting

Tape a piece of paper hanging down from the edge of a table. Cover the floor under the paper or do this activity outside. Using watercolours or water with food colouring added and an eyedropper or paintbrush show your child how to put some colour at the top of the page and allow it to run down the paper. Then let your child take over.