Learning at Home Preschool Week 18

2 min
Jul 17, 2020

Social-Emotional Development

Dinosaur Roar

Try roaring like a dinosaur to release stress. Encourage your child to roar like a dinosaur. Demonstrate taking a deep breath and then roaring as you exhale. Repeat 3 times.

Cognitive Development

How Big Were the Dinosaurs

Using a tape measure and chalk invite your child to help you measure out on the sidewalk how big different dinosaurs were. Discuss which is the biggest and which is the smallest. Which ones are the same length? Use these dinosaurs or measure your child’s favourites.

Velociraptor-2m   Triceratops-3m   T-Rex-5m   Stegosaurus-3m

Using pictures of the dinosaurs will enhance the experience for your child.

Language Development

Hunting for Bones

Cut out one paper dinosaur bone for each letter of your child’s name. Put one letter of their name on each bone. Hide the bones around the house. Invite your child to hunt for the dinosaur bones. Once your child has found all the letters of their name have them name the letters and put them in order to spell their names. For an extra challenge, you could do their last name, too.

Physical Literacy

The Ground is Lava

Place several outdoor cushions, washcloths, placemats or small towels outside on the ground far enough apart to make it a bit challenging for your child to get from one to the other. Tell your child that the ground is lava and they need to move from island to island without touching the lava. Encourage your child to use different movements to move safely through the lava (run, leap, hop, jump, etc.)

Creative Activity


Help your child trace around their shoe onto a piece of paper the colour of their choice. This will be the shoeasaurus’ body. Encourage your child to add spikes, a tail, legs, a head cut from scraps of paper.

Additional Resources

https://www.coolmath4kids.com/math-games – Head to this site to find math games for children grades K-6. Games can be chosen by topic and grade. There are also math lessons, quizzes, manipulatives and brain teaser sections.

http://spatulatta.com/  – Take a visit to this site for recipes to get your child cooking.