Learning at Home Preschool Week 12

3 min
Jun 5, 2020

Social-Emotional Development

Calming Strategy - Blowing Up A Balloon

Practice deep breathing to release stress and promote calm with this circus balloon calming strategy.
Cup your hands together, forming a circle, in front of your mouth to represent a circus balloon. Take a deep breath in and then blow out slowly through cupped hands to blow air into the pretend circus balloon. Repeat three times.

Cognitive Development

Water Balloon Math

Fill several balloons with water and place in a container. With sidewalk chalk draw large circles on the sidewalk. Write numerals 0-9 in the circles. Call out a numeral to your child or show them a card with the numeral written on it.  Encourage them to choose a water balloon and toss it on the numeral called. Continue until all the numerals have been called. Please be sure to dispose of all balloon pieces after play.


Language Development

5 Huge Elephants

Read the poem “Five Huge Elephants” to your child.

Five Huge Elephants

Five huge elephants—oh, what a sight.
They swing their trunks from left to right.
Four are followers, and one is king.
They all walk around the circus ring.

Have your child listen for the rhyming words in the poem. Help them generate other words that rhyme with sight-right and king-ring. Clap the syllables in “elephant” together.

Physical Literacy

Circus Acts

Discuss how many circus acts require balance (tightrope walker, lion sitting up, seal with a ball balanced on his nose). Encourage your child to practice their balance skills.

Place a tape line on the floor or draw one with chalk on the sidewalk outside. Have your child practice walking on the “tightrope”. For a challenge, see if they can balance a bean bag, beanie baby or rolled socks on their head as they walk the balance beam. Have them practice standing on one foot and balancing a soft ball on their nose and their knee while standing on one foot. Try rolling a soft ball under one foot while standing on the other foot. Practice knee bends to improve balance.


Creative Activity

Lid Squish Painting

Collect a few lids of different sizes (milk jug, water bottle, soft drink bottles). Encourage your child to place a dollop of paint on the flat side of the lid using their finger or a paintbrush. Have them place the lid, paint side down on the paper and squish. If the lid is lifted straight off the paper, it leaves behind an interesting texture. Allow your child to experiment, who knows what creative way they will come up with to use the lid.


Additional Resources

https://www.sesamestreet.org/home Visit this website for Sesame themed preschool games, videos and art.

https://www.typingclub.com/sportal/  Head to this website to learn or improve typing skills.