Learning at Home Pre-Kindergarten Week 5

3 min
Apr 14, 2020

Social-Emotional Development


Crossing the midline of the body integrates the left and right hemispheres of the brain, which energizes thinking. Lower your right elbow across your body and raise your left knee until the elbow and knee touch. Do the same thing for the left elbow and right knee. Repeat ten times or more.

Cognitive Development

Counting Ducks

Materials: five yellow pom poms or five duck shaped pieces of paper (can be printed from the Internet), piece of blue paper or fabric and a paper cup.
Place a sheet of blue paper or fabric on a table to represent a pond with 5 yellow pom poms or duck pictures printed from the Internet. Instruct your child to close his eyes. Hide some of the ducks under a cup. Have him open his eyes and tell you how many ducks are missing. Continue with different combinations. Let your child have a turn to hide the ducks.

Physical Literacy

Here are a couple of skills to practice this week. Engage your child’s imagination by trying to gallop and jump over an obstacle, like a horse.

Language Development

On the Farm

Talk with your child about which animals live on the farm, what the farm animals eat, what sounds do the animals make, what services or products do farm animals produce and what farmers do. Have your child circle the letter h for hen and the letter c for cow in an old newspaper, flyer or magazine. A magnifying glass can add extra interest, if you have one. Encourage your child to draw a farm picture and with her permission write down her description of her work.

Creative Activity

Salt Painting

Using stiff paper or light cardboard, have your child create a design using white glue, squeezing it from the bottle. Have your child sprinkle salt over the glue design. Shake off the extra salt. Use watercolor paint and a paintbrush to dab paint onto the salt lines. Allow to dry. Hint: Watercolors can be made by soaking dried markers in a small amount of water or with food colouring and water. http://mericherry.com/2015/04/24/salt-painting-process-art-kids/

Here is a link for a recipe to make your own watercolours. Very simple.

Additional Resources

Check out this YouTube video by Dr. Jean Feldman. She shares lots of ideas of how to play with your child using simple items from around the house. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0xibLFsSNE

 This website has a variety of activities for children. You will find games, jokes, recipes, crafts, answers to science questions, hidden pictures and more. https://www.highlightskids.com/