Learning at Home Pre-Kindergarten Week 15

2 min
Jun 26, 2020

Social-Emotional Development

Calming Strategy - S.T.A.R. Breathing

Remember intentional breathing strategies bring oxygen to the brain to help your child focus and remain
calm. Let’s review S.T.A.R. breathing.

S - smile

T - take a deep breath

A - and

R - relax

Cognitive Development

Counting Box

Collect small items to use for counting. Put a different number of items (1-20) in a small covered box or gift bag each day this week for your child to discover and practice their counting skills. Using different items daily helps to keep the interest high.

Language Development

Canadian Words

Print the words Canada, maple leaf, flag and beaver onto paper. Help your child to read and print these words on their own paper. Discuss the importance of these words in Canada. Your child can draw pictures to go with each word, if desired.

Physical Literacy


Play hockey with your child outside.  Or freeze some water in a tray and use your finger to flick a milk jug cap as a puck to play inside or out.

Creative Activity

Forks Fireworks Painting

All you need for this creative activity is paper, a fork and some paint. Encourage your child to dip the fork in the paint, bottom side down and then press the fork onto the paper to make a fireworks pattern. Press the fork in a circular shape with the tines facing out to create the fireworks.

Additional Resources

https://www.todaysparent.com/baby/how-to-play-with-your-baby/ - Visit this website to find “8 Games to Play with Your Baby”. You will find lots of other information on this Today’s Parent site as well.

https://www.redtedart.com/ - Follow this link to a website full of easy craft ideas for children.