Learning at Home Pre-Kindergarten Week 13

2 min
Jun 11, 2020

Social-Emotional Development

Calming Strategy - Eye Rest

Let’s review this calming strategy that was first introduced a few weeks ago.

Eye Rest - Place your hands over your eyes (palms over eyes and fingers resting on forehead) and breathe in and out slowly while gently massaging your forehead with your fingertips.

Cognitive Development

Shape House

Help your child cut out shapes (circles, rectangles, squares and triangles) of different colours and sizes using construction paper or recycled paper. Encourage them to glue the cut-out shapes in place to make a house. Ask them to name the different shapes and count how many of each shape they used to make their picture.


Language Development

My Family

Talk with your child about the members of your family, those that live in your house and other extended family members. Family photos would be a great addition to this discussion.

Encourage your child to draw a picture of their family. Invite them to write each family member’s name by their picture. Help with spelling or writing, as needed.

Physical Literacy

Water Balloon Toss

The whole family can join in the fun on a warm day. Prepare a few water balloons with your child. Have your child and a partner stand close together facing each other. They toss the water balloon back and forth between them, taking one step back after each throw. They continue to toss the water balloon until it breaks. Hint: The balloons don’t break as easily if you don’t fill them too full.  

Creative Activity

Dot Painting

Get creative in a small way. Help your child cut a piece of paper into fourths. Encourage them to decorate one of these small pieces of paper with the eraser end of a pencil or the flat end of a pen dipped in a small amount of paint. Challenge her to fill in most of the paper with dots. They could create a picture of something or just a design.


Additional Resources

https://adventuresinfamilyhood.com/20-virtual-field-trips-to-take-with-your-kids.html - Here is another virtual field trip site to check out. You will find links to art museums, zoos, aquariums and some famous sites around the world.

https://www.abcya.com/ - This website offers a wide variety of free educational games for Pre-K through grade 6 children.