Learning at Home Pre-Kindergarten Week 10

3 min
May 21, 2020

Social-Emotional Development

Calming Strategy - Sunbeam

Celebrate the warmer weather with this calming strategy called Sunbeam.

Have your child spread their arms wide, pretending they are the sun and their arms are sunbeams. Tell them to let all their stress drain from their dangling fingertips as they slowly inhale and exhale.

Cognitive Development

Rays of Sunshine

Cut out a 15 cm yellow circle. Draw lines on paper for 1.5 cm by 4 cm strips in yellow and orange. Encourage your child to cut along the lines, help them, as needed. Cutting the strips of paper is good practice for your child. You will need more orange strips than yellow. Once the strips are cut, guide your child to make an AAB (orange, orange, yellow) pattern with the strips of paper. Once they have practised the pattern, invite your child to glue the strips in this pattern around the yellow circle to make a sun.

Language Development

Day & Night

Make a list with your child of what they think of when they hear the word night, the changes that occur when day turns to night. Make another list for day, changes that occur when the sun comes out.  Then have your child draw or paint a daytime picture on one side of their paper and a nighttime picture on the other side. Encourage your child to describe their picture and transcribe their words onto the picture, with their permission.


Physical Literacy

Bean Bag Toss

This activity can be done inside or outside. Use tape to mark the throw line. Have your child toss bean bags, small stuffed animals or rolled-up socks into a box or laundry basket. Invite them to try throwing underhand, overhand and with their back to the target. Moving the throw line closer or farther away changes the difficulty of the activity.

Creative Activity

Shadow Drawing

Gather a large piece of paper, a selection of toys, pencil, marker or crayons to take outside on a sunny day. Encourage your child to arrange the toys so that they cast a shadow on the paper. Have them trace around the shadows of the toys. Then they can decorate the drawing however they would like.

Additional Resources

www.toddlerinaction.com  Visit this website for loads of ideas for your 2-3-year-old. Click on Toddler Activities on the bar at the top of the page.

https://pbskids.org/   Go to this website for educational games and videos based on popular PBS KIDS shows.