Learning at Home OSC KidZone Week 7

2 min
May 1, 2020

STEAM Activity:

DIY Sailboat

Encourage your child to design a sailboat using materials from around your home.  Wrap elastics bands around 3 corks, insert a toothpick within the middle of the cork raft, and poke a craft foam or milk carton square to mimic the shape of the sail.  Try using only one cork and see what happens!  If your boat falls over, try inserting 3 nails into the bottom of the cork to act as the keel!

Science Activity:

Why Does Fruit Turn Brown?

Challenge your child to observe, measure, and document like a true scientist!   Place apple slices on 6 different plates.  One plate will be the control measure, exposing 3 apple slices to the air only. On another plate, poke holes into 3 apple slices.  On the remaining plates, pour vinegar, apple juice, lemon juice, and water in equal amounts.  Watch what happens!  Try to determine what stops the browning process.

Physical Activity:

Scarf Relay!

Partner up with your child or have siblings partner up.  Stand about 10 feet apart facing each other in a stance ready to trade places!  Player one starts by throwing a scarf up as high as they can, and each player races to their opposite position.  The trick is to make sure player two catches that scarf!  You may choose to use a ball, socks, or even a hat instead of a scarf.

Creative Activity:

Making Animal Creations with your Palms and Fingers

In these short tutorials, children learn to transform the shapes of their hands into animals.  Children arrange their fingers and palms in unique ways, trace their outlines, and create amazing animal works of art!  Watch for butterflies,  geese, fish, and crabs to come to life.

Additional Resources

www.reallygoodstuff.com  - This website contains a free student activity printable section. It includes educational posters, worksheets, reader’s theater selections and downloadable books.

https://ngexplorer.cengage.com/ngyoungexplorer/index.html - Visit this website to listen to and read along with past issues of the National Geographic Young Explorer magazine. The Scout version is for Kindergarten students and the Voyager version is for Grade 1 students.