Learning at Home OSC KidZone Week 20

3 min
Jul 30, 2020

STEAM Activity:

Build a Waterslide

Your challenge for this week is to build a waterslide for a Lego man (or another small toy). Some things to think about as you plan are: How do you get to the top of the slide? Will the slide be straight or curvy? What will the Lego man splash into? How will I make it waterproof? How will I keep my Lego man from falling off? Try drawing out your plan on paper. Make a list of materials needed from around your house, gather the materials and start building. Some materials you might want to consider are paper towel tubes, craft sticks, foil, plastic wrap, straws, disposable cups, small empty recyclable water bottles, cardboard, etc. Once you have built your waterslide test it. Make changes to improve its performance, if needed.

Science Activity:

Colourful Rain in a Glass

For this experiment you will need ½ c. of cooking oil, food colouring, a glass, a tall glass container, 2 cups of water and a chopstick or spoon for stirring. Pour the water into the tall glass container. Then pour the vegetable oil into the glass and add several drops of food colouring. Stir vigorously with the chopstick and pour the mixture into the water. Watch for the coloured rain. Be patient.

Because the oil and food colouring do not mix, when they are stirred the large drops of food colouring break up into smaller drops and “freeze” in the oil forming what is called an emulsion. The food colouring is denser than the oil so the drops trickle down to the oil-water barrier. Once the drops of food colouring reach the water, they mix with the water and the colourful rain begins.

Physical Activity

Outdoor Golf Toss

Materials you will need for this activity are beanbags, small foam balls or tennis balls, hula hoops or string to make “holes”, strips of cardboard and an outdoor space.  To set up your golf course, place hula hoops or string circles around the outdoor area for “holes”. Use cardboard strips to mark where to toss from. Once your golf course is set up, it is time to play. Standing at the toss line, use an underhand toss aiming for the hole. After each player has had a chance to toss their beanbag, each person gets another turn to toss their beanbag to the “hole” from where their beanbag landed. Continue until all players have gotten their beanbag into the “hole”. Count the number of tosses it takes each player to get their beanbag in the “hole”. Each player adds up their tosses for each hole to find their total score.

Creative Activity:

Kindness Rocks

Hunt for palm-sized smooth rocks that you can paint a fun picture or message on. Wash the rocks and then paint with acrylic paint. You can paint whatever positive message or picture you would like. You can use a permanent marker to write your message. Then leave your painted rock along a neighbourhood path or anywhere else you think someone might see it to spread kindness and happiness.

Here are some messages you might want to consider or make up your own.

Be kind.   Be happy.   Smile.  Hope.   Joy.   You are special.   Laugh.

Additional Resources:

https://www.commonsensemedia.org/ – This website is a source of entertainment and technology recommendations for families on movies, books, apps and games and websites.

https://www.funbrain.com/ – A collection of educational games, books and videos for Pre-K through Grade 8 children.