Learning at Home OSC KidZone Week 19

2 min
Jul 24, 2020

STEAM Activity:

Paper Chain Challenge

Using only one piece of paper, scissors and tape see how long a paper chain you can make. Take a minute to plan, then get started. Once you are finished, reflect on what you learned and how you might do it differently to make your chain even longer next time.  Do it again and see if you can make your second chain longer than your first one.

Science Activity:

Lego Sun Prints

You will need dark coloured construction paper (blue, black or purple), assorted Lego pieces and a sunny day. Find a sunny place to put your piece of paper (you need about 6 hours of sunlight). Arrange your chosen Lego pieces on your dark coloured construction paper. Leave in the sun. After 6 hours remove the Lego from your picture. If you don’t have Lego, you can use any household objects with interesting shapes.

The paper exposed to the sun fades because of the sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays that can break down the chemical bonds in different materials, some more than others. You might want to experiment with different types of paper and compare the results.

Physical Activity

Basketball Dribble

Find an open space with a hard surface to practice your dribbling (bouncing a ball continuously with your hand) skills. Using a basketball or other large bouncy ball practice two-handed dribblings standing in place. Next practice right-hand and left-hand dribbling in place. You can also try alternating your left and right hand with each bounce. Once you have this down try walking or running and dribbling. Try varying your dribbling by speed or height.

Creative Activity:

Oil and Water Marbled Paper

Gather vegetable oil, liquid food colouring, paper (watercolour or cardstock, if you have it), an eye dropper or a spoon, small dishes, a fork and a cake pan. In a small dish mix a small amount of oil and food colouring. Stir vigorously with the fork to disperse the food colouring throughout the oil. Mix as many colours as you would like. Add about 2.5cm of water to the cake pan. Using the eye dropper or a spoon drip coloured oil mixture into the water. Lay your paper on top of the water and then lift to see your marbled paper. Lay your paper flat to dry.