Learning at Home OSC KidZone Week 18

2 min
Jul 17, 2020

STEAM Activity:

Build a Treehouse

Imagine you are stranded on a deserted island. You need to construct a treehouse to stay in until you are rescued. You want to be sure that you are safe from wild animals that may be on the island. Use paper towel tubes, sticks, paper and any other natural or recycled materials you need to create a model of your new temporary home. Glue, tape and scissors will probably be needed.  Decorate your treehouse using paint, markers or crayons.

Science Activity:

Sun Clock

You will need a paper plate, a pencil and a bit of plasticine or playdough. Write the numbers 1-12 at equal distances around the back edge of the plate like a clock. Poke a hole in the centre of the plate and insert the pencil into the hole. Fix in place using the plasticine on the opposite side of the plate than the numbers. Take your plate outside on a sunny day and rotate it so that the shadow falls on the correct hour. Observe it throughout the day to check the time. The pencil will cast a shadow on the hour. So, if the shadow falls on the 4, it is 4 o’clock.

Physical Activity

Balloon Tennis

Try this game inside on a rainy day. Make two “tennis racquets” using paper plates and large craft sticks or paint stirring sticks. Tape the sticks to the backside of the paper plates with strong tape. Tie a 3-5 m string between 2 chairs to make a net. Blow up a balloon to a medium pressure and tie off. Find a family member to play with and hit the balloon back and forth across the net. Your can hit it more than once on a side, if needed. If the balloon touches the floor on one person’s side, the other person gets a point. Play to 5 and then start again. Your racquet may not cross over the net.

Creative Activity:

Lemon Juice Drip Drop Watercolour Painting

Gather paper, watercolour paints, paint brush and lemon juice. On your paper use the watercolours to paint the surface of your paper. When most of the paper is covered with colour and semi dry, use the paint brush loaded with lemon juice to drip drops of lemon juice onto the painting. Allow to dry. As your painting dries, the lemon juice will bleach the watercolours producing an interesting pattern

Additional Resources:

https://www.coolmath4kids.com/math-games – Head to this site to find math games for children grades K-6. Games can be chosen by topic and grade. There are also math lessons, quizzes, manipulatives and brain teaser sections.

http://spatulatta.com/  – Take a visit to this site for recipes to get your child cooking.