Learning at Home OSC KidZone Week 16

3 min
Jul 3, 2020

STEAM Activity:

Build a Ferris Wheel

Let’s get ready for summer by building a Ferris wheel!  You will need 2 pieces of cardboard 12 inches by 12 inches, a small box, scissors, a ruler, markers, textured paper, and glue.  To start, cut out 2 circles of the same size, each measuring 12 inches in diameter.  Use your ruler to mark 7 even wedges along the face of one of your circles.  These form the sections in which you will glue on your Ferris wheel passenger compartments.  You can use construction paper, wallpaper, and even patterned scrapbook paper to create the passenger compartments.  Use your markers to draw people within the compartments. Place an X at multiple, aligned points along the perimeter of each circle, as well as the centre points.  Join the outer edges of the two circles together by poking markers through the x’s.  Now you only need the base.  Use a small box and cut out a curved “M” shape from each end of the box, removing the remaining side portions.  Use a bamboo skewer or chopstick to join the centres of your wheels and place each end into the corresponding top valleys of your “M” shaped portions.



Science Activity:

Dark Versus Light

This is an experiment that teaches your child how dark materials absorb heat, and light materials reflect heat.  Gather 3 of the same type of jars.  Wrap one jar with black construction paper, one with white construction paper, and leave one as the control.  Fill all jars with cool water and place outside in the sun.  Check the starting temperature of each jar and record it.  Continue to check the temperature every hour and record.  Ask your child what their predictions will be. You will find that the jar wrapped with black material will consistently be warmer as the dark colour absorbs heat and conducts it from its surface to its contents faster.


Physical Activity

Cup Race with Water

This is a fun outdoor activity!  To prepare, simply punch a hole in the bottom of a plastic cup as close to its edge as possible.  Next, thread a string through the hole, ensuring the string is at least 15 feet in length.  Tie the ends of the string onto two supporting structures, such as a broomstick or a fence post, that stretch alongside a portion of your backyard or other playing area.  The goal is to use a squirt gun to spray the inside of the cup, pushing it from the start line to the finish line. If you have more than one player, you can take turns playing for best time.  Make sure your string is not set up in a place that someone can walk into it.  Take down your string when the race is over.


Creative Activity:

Pressed Flower Lanterns

For this activity, collect dried pieces of nature (including flower petals and leaves from your garden), a balloon, a jar, white tissue paper, glue, water, and a paint brush.  Blow up your balloon about halfway and place on the opening of a jar for support.  Take tissue paper squares and paint one layer of them over your balloon with water.  Ensure you keep an opening at the bottom.  For the next 2 layers, mix together equal parts glue and water and continue to cover your balloon with the tissue paper.  Use the glue mixture to paint  your bits of nature onto the surface of the balloon.  It will take about 4 hours for your lantern to dry. Once dry, pop the balloon.  Place a flameless candle inside and you have a beautiful lantern.


Additional Resources:

https://www.yourmodernfamily.com/50-screen-free-ideas/  – Find a list of 50 screen-free activities on this website. Choose a couple to try with your child.

https://handsonaswegrow.com/physical-activities-toddlers/ – If you have a busy toddler, check out this website for a “Giant Collection of Physical Activities Toddlers Simply Love!”