Learning at Home OSC KidZone Week 12

2 min
Jun 5, 2020

STEAM Activity:

Magic Potion Kit

Challenge your child to create their own “Magic Potion” kit.  What materials could they gather from around your home?  What kinds of potions can they make?  Materials to consider include a basket, a jug, a variety of jars, spoons, measuring cups. flower petals, herbs from the garden, spices, Epsom salts, oil, fizzy soda water, and so much more!  A mortar and pestle are amazing tools to offer, but a small cutting board and a large rock could also work to grind up flower petals and leaves.  Allow your child to explore the materials and challenge them to create their own pretend potions.

Science Activity:

Food Colouring Drop Designs

For this activity, simply gather 3 glass jars.  Fill one with cold water, one with hot water, and one with room temperature water.  You can even add ice to the cold-water jar to ensure the temperature is very cold but take any remaining ice cubes out just before you start. Label each jar accordingly.  Add a drop of food colouring into each jar and watch what happens.  What you should see is that food colouring spreads out the fastest in the hot water jar.  The reason for that is that water molecules are already moving very quickly at this temperature, causing the food colouring to move faster.


Physical Activity

Outdoor Tic Tac Toe

Draw a large 3 by 3 square board outside with chalk.  If you are short on chalk, gather sticks or branches to create the same board. Invite your child to gather materials to use for play pieces. They can collect a series of larger rocks, for example, and paint them in separate team colours or patterns, one set to represent the “X’s” and one set to represent the “O’s”.  Enjoy moving across the board while placing your markers!

Creative Activity:

Magic Wands

Gather sticks, ribbon, yarn, beads, and wire!  Design an interesting shape with the wire, such as a star, heart or diamond, and wrap securely around the tip of the stick.  Beads can be strung around the wire for added effect! This can be where the magic comes from! Wrap your sticks with tight layers of yarn and ribbon in different patterns.  You may choose to have some loose yarn with beads strung on for a free flowing design.


Additional Resources:

https://www.sesamestreet.org/home Visit this website for Sesame themed preschool games, videos and art.

https://www.typingclub.com/sportal/  Head to this website to learn or improve typing skills.