Learning at Home OSC Kidzone Week 1

2 min
Apr 2, 2020

Physical Literacy

The Crunch Challenge!

Create a baseline by counting how many crunches you can do in 60 seconds. Every day try to increase the number of crunches you can do in 60 seconds. Challenging your family members to a competition!

Science Experiment

Make a Cloud in a Jar

Use this great website to learn how to make a cloud in a jar. Learn about different kinds of clouds.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics

Using Force to Paint

Experiment and create using the force of push and pull! Materials: White cardstock paper, tape, tray, small size cardboard rectangles, paint. Directions: Secure your paper to the tray. Put a dollop of paint on the paper and pull and push the paint, using the cardboard rectangles, around your paper to create movement in your art.

Creative Activity

Process Art Using Slime

Draw the process of the slime melting with this cool art experience. Materials: Slime, Paper and Pencil. Directions: Fold a piece of paper into 4 squares. Unfold the paper. Each one of the squares will be used to draw the slime in its different stages. Roll the slime into a ball or put the slime on top of a cup. Draw the four stages of the slime melting in each of the squares.

Additional Resources

Follow the link below for emotional support: