Learning at Home Montessori Week 3

2 min
Apr 3, 2020

Practical Life

Giving children specific tasks or responsibilities can make them feel very important. Preparing a snack for the family, helping load or unload the dishwasher, brushing the dog, all give children a sense of purpose. Snack prep can be as simple as slicing and then offering a banana.
Montessori Pro Tip: Discuss the reasons why each job is important, and let your child pick the one they would like to do.

Math Activity

This activity combines elements of Practical Life, Sensorial and Math. Ask your child to help you by cleaning the cutlery drawer (minus the knives). First mix everything up, and wash in warm soapy water. Then rinse and dry. Have your child organize cutlery into groups, small spoons, big spoons, forks etc.
Montessori Pro Tip: If your child is older, have them count how many of each item there are as they group them.

Language Development

Songs and rhymes are a great way to introduce new vocabulary. Children love rhyming words and once they get started, there’s no stopping them. For example, you might talk to them about a cat and then add the word mat and bat. Explain that these words ‘rhyme’ (sound almost the same) and ask them if they can think of any too.
Montessori Pro Tip: Even if a word doesn’t rhyme its ok. Just keep practising.

Sensorial Activity

Fill 5 different colour balloons with dried seeds, or beans of different sizes, e.g. balloon 1 = rice, 2 = dried peas, etc. Glue some of each item onto a card. On the back of the card put the colour of the corresponding balloon. Lay the cards out and have your child match balloon to card by feeling the shapes inside each balloon.
Montessori Pro Tip: Younger children can work with three balloons.

Creative Activity

As we have balloons on hand this week, another creative activity you may like to begin work on is a papier-mache piggy bank project. Fine motors skills are used to tear up paper, mixing, measuring and gluing, and it may take a couple of days to complete.

Additional Resources