Learning at Home Infant Week 4

2 min
Apr 9, 2020

Social-Emotional Development

Shadow Dance

Place a light source in front of a wall and invite your child to move between the wall and the light source. Call attention to their shadows. Move your own body to create a funny shadow on the wall. Continue this activity by playing music and dancing with tissue paper or ribbons.

Cognitive Development

Downhill Run

Create an inclined place, using cardboard or baking tray. Invite your child to roll small cars up and down the “hill”. Talk with your child about the difference between pushing the car up the hill and letting it roll down the hill freely. Keep the fun going by using different materials to push up and fall down the hill.

Language Development

Shine a Spotlight

Darken the room enough to allow a flashlight beam to be easily seen. Sit with your child close by. Shine the flashlight at furniture and objects throughout the room. Ask your child to label the item. If they are not able to verbalize, identify the name for them.

Physical Literacy

Stop and Go

Play “Stop and Go.” Say “Go, go, go, go” and then suddenly say “Stop!”. Explain to your child that they can move freely while you are saying
“go” but they must stop and stay still when you say “stop”. If your child masters this, you can incorporate music and play musical freeze dance.

Creative Activity

Pot Scrubber Painting

Using a new pot scrubber and paint, encourage your infant to make their mark on the paper. Model tapping the scrubber on the paper and scraping it against the paper to demonstrate different marks. If possible, add different colours of paint and describe the colours you see and what happens when the colours mix with each other.

Additional Resources

TumbleBook Library has a large selection of books, both fiction and non-fiction, that are read aloud. There are also some French and Spanish titles available. You will find some National Geographic videos and games on this site, too. You do not need a library membership to access. https://calgarylibrary.ca/read-learn-and-explore/digital-library/tumblebook-library/

https://handsonaswegrow.com/activities/preschool-activities/ - Find a variety of activities to try with your 3-5-year-old on this website. The activity categories include learning, creativity, gross motor and fine motor.