Learning at Home Infant Week 18

2 min
Jul 17, 2020

Cognitive Development

Shoe Match

Gather several pairs of shoes. Mix them up in a pile. Encourage your little one to organize them into pairs.

Physical Literacy

Hokey Pokey

Play or sing the Hokey Pokey and encourage your little one to follow your actions. If your child is a non-walker you can move their arms and legs for them. One version of the Hokey Pokey can be found on this link.


Social-Emotional Development

Hide & Seek

Have your little one hide while you count to 10. Pretend to have a hard time finding them. Your child may come out of hiding or make noises, just act surprised to see them. After a few times, switch roles. You become the hider and your child can look for you.

Language Development

Naming Game

Play a naming game with your little one. Take a walk around your house or outside and point to object and ask, “What’s this?” Wait for them to answer, if they are talking. Name the object for them if they don’t know or do not talk yet. Say the word correctly if they name it with proto words (rough approximations of actual words). On another day, play this game by pointing to items in a favourite book.

Creative Activity

Shake it Up!

For this activity you will need a large, clean, empty plastic jar, a small amount of washable paint, a few dried beans and a piece of heavy paper. Cut the paper to fit in your jar. Roll it and place it in the jar so that it sits along the side of the jar. Put a few small blobs of paint in the bottom of the jar along with a few dried beans. Screw the jar lid on tightly. Demonstrate for your child how to shake the jar. Encourage your child shake, rattle and roll the jar. When they lose interest remove the painting from the jar and let dry.

Additional Resources:

https://www.coolmath4kids.com/math-games – Head to this site to find math games for children grades K-6. Games can be chosen by topic and grade. There are also math lessons, quizzes, manipulatives and brain teaser sections.

http://spatulatta.com/  – Take a visit to this site for recipes to get your child cooking.