Learning at Home Infant Week 16

2 min
Jul 3, 2020

Cognitive Development

Wet Footprint Pathways

When outside with your child, fill a wash basin with warm water. Encourage your child to step in the water and then walk barefoot on a concrete or asphalt pathway.  Make sure the pathway is not too hot.  Comment on your child’s footprints and then observe them when dry.  “Where did they go?” 

Physical Literacy

Pool Noodle Tunnels

Gather three pool noodles.  Use tent pegs to secure the pool noodles in the grass to create an arch.  Indoors, you can use plungers to secure the pool noodles to a floor surface.  Place the pool noodle arches together and encourage your child to crawl through them. 

Social-Emotional Development

Car Wash

Encourage your child to help you wash your car with a small sponge and a bucket of water.  If your child has his own riding toy, he can also wash his “car”. Describe how you are working together to clean the car.  Celebrate your child’s ability to take care of their things.

Language Development

Animal Homes

Using toy animals, encourage your infant to help you build a habitat or home for the animals, using small boxes, sticks, leaves and other natural items. Describe the animal’s position in the home.  “The lion is in the box.” “Let’s take the giraffe out of the tunnel.” “I see the lion under the sticks.” Make animal sounds with your child. ROAR! 

Creative Activity

Rock Painting

Find rocks of different sizes in your neighbourhood.  Talk about the different sizes you have found.  Encourage your infant to paint them.  When completed, create a rock garden outside that they will be able to enjoy and remember.

Additional Resources:

https://www.yourmodernfamily.com/50-screen-free-ideas/  – Find a list of 50 screen-free activities on this website. Choose a couple to try with your child.

https://handsonaswegrow.com/physical-activities-toddlers/ – If you have a busy toddler, check out this website for a “Giant Collection of Physical Activities Toddlers Simply Love!”