Learning at Home Infant Week 15

2 min
Jun 26, 2020

Cognitive Development

How Does This Work?

Fill a large, colourful reusable shopping bag with items your infant will be curious about. Choose items to help them investigate cause and effect (flashlight, push-button toy, kitchen tongs, boxes with lids). 

Physical Literacy

Walk the Line

Place a line of painter’s tape on the floor or draw a line outside with sidewalk chalk. Model how to walk on the line. Challenge your infant to walk the line. Hold your infant’s hand, if they are struggling. Encourage them by saying, left foot, right foot to signal foot changes.

Social-Emotional Development

I Can, Can You?

Invite children to mimic your action with the following chant.

I can put my hands up high. Can you?
I can stick out my tongue. Can you?
I can nod my head. Can you?
I can kiss my toe. Can you?
I can touch my nose. Can you?
I can give myself a great big hug. Can you?
If I give my hug to you, will you give yours to me?

Language Development

Alliterative Names

Make up alliterative names for your infant and all your family members such Awesome Audrey, Kind Kira or Daring David. Use the names often. Make up alliterative names for foods as well, such as Mighty Milk, Jetson Juice and Baby Bananas.

Creative Activity

Painting with Foil

A new, shiny canvas offers a new experience for your infant when painting.  With aluminum foil as the canvas, provide some paint and a painting tool (brush, sponge or Q-tip).  Encourage your infant to make squiggles, lines and marks.  Describe what you see.  Celebrate your infant’s masterpiece.

Additional Resources:

https://www.todaysparent.com/baby/how-to-play-with-your-baby/ - Visit this website to find “8 Games to Play with Your Baby”. You will find lots of other information on this Today’s Parent site as well.

https://www.redtedart.com/ - Follow this link to a website full of easy craft ideas for children.