Learning at Home Infant Week 14

2 min
Jun 18, 2020

Cognitive Development

Sidewalk Shapes

Draw large simple shapes (circle, square, triangle, heart, star) on your driveway or sidewalk with your infant.  Model stepping into each shape and encourage your infant to join you.  Talk about your “big” or “little” steps.

Physical Literacy


Fasten a medium-sized basket to a fence or back of a dining chair at the same height as your infant.  Using a softball or stuffed toy, encourage your infant to throw the object into the basket.  Throwing is a fundamental movement skill, building your infant’s eye-hand co-ordination and upper body muscles.

Social-Emotional Development

Scarf Sensory Bin

Place several fabric scarves or items of clothing in a bin or box for your infant to explore.  Play Peek-a-boo with your infant.  Let your infant lead you with their exploration of the scarves.  Describe what you see them doing. “I see you under the scarves.”

Language Development

Outdoor Water Play

Fill a bin with water. Look for natural items to place in the water such as rocks, pinecones and leaves.  Observe and comment on which natural items sink and which float.  Talk about any changes to the items after they have absorbed water.  Continue to look around your outdoor environment and see what else you can add. 

Creative Activity

Bird Feeders

Take a recycled paper towel holder and cut it in half.  Lace string through the roll and tie off to provide an opportunity to hang the feeder.  With your infant, cover the exterior of the two rolls with peanut butter or WOW butter.  Roll the covered rolls in birdseed and hang outside in a visible place.  Enjoy opportunities to watch birds come and eat from the feeders.  Talk about the birds with your infant.

Additional Resources:

Try this website for budget-friendly Montessori activities to do with your child. The site includes motor skills, practical life skills, play activities, fine motor skills, language and math activities and arts, craft and music ideas.


Head to this Active for Life website to find 49 fun physical activities to do with your 2 to 4-year old. You can also find some resources for parents and articles to read. A couple of titles that might be of interest at this time, “42 Easy Activities to Keep Kids Busy While Parents Work at Home” and “School’s Cancelled—What Now? Here Are 200+ Activities You Can Do with Kids at Home”.