Healthy Snacking – How To Keep Your Family Satiated Without Wrecking Meals

1 min
Nov 1, 2018

By Andrea Holwegner, BSc, RD

Have you ever been faced with the need to feed your family snacks but been worried that you will wreck their next meal? Or have you been stumped as to what that snack should consist of to make it healthy and balanced? In the video below, our Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist Andrea Holwegner discusses healthy snacking and provides suggestions on the types of snacks to choose. She also suggests getting your family involved in assembling the snacks to ensure they will eat and enjoy them. Plus, some additional suggestions to curb those snack attacks.

10 Healthy Winter Snack Solutions

  1. Apple or orange and wedge of cheese
  2. Sliced fresh apple or mango with cottage cheese
  3. Raw veggies (such as carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, snap peas, grape tomatoes) and hummus for dip
  4. Dried fruit bar and glass of milk or fortified soy/almond beverage
  5. Mug of hot chocolate or chai tea (both made with milk, of course!)
  6. Handful of trail mix
  7. Canned unsweetened peaches or pears and Greek yogurt
  8. Whole wheat crackers and hard cooked egg
  9. Cantaloupe or honeydew melon and yogurt
  10. Mini can of pre-flavored tuna and whole grain crackers