Enjoy these frighteningly fun Halloween activities with your family all season long!

Fall is a beautiful season and a great opportunity to spend a little extra time with your family. Whether you’re admiring the array of stunning colours in the great outdoors or having a cozy night in, there are countless activities you can enjoy together.

Halloween Activities

  1. Visit a pumpkin patch
  2. Create DIY Halloween decorations 
  3. Go apple picking 
  4. Make a spooky recipe
  5. Visit a haunted house (or make your own!)
  6. Carve a pumpkin
  7. Have a Halloween scavenger hunt
  8. Make slime
  9. Tell scary stories (or not-so-scary stories)
  10. Host a costume party
  11. Go on a hayride
  12. Make Halloween crafts 
  13. Drink hot apple cider
  14. Walk around the neighbourhood and admire the eerie decorations
  15. Bake Halloween cookies to give to friends and family
  16. Visit a corn maze
  17. Have a fall bonfire 
  18. Make sock puppets and have a Halloween puppet show
  19. Go for a fall hike
  20. Pass out Halloween gift bags to your neighbours 
  21. Bob for apples
  22. Eat homemade apple or pumpkin doughnuts 
  23. Go on a nature walk and collect leaves of all different colours, shapes, and sizes
  24. Have a Halloween-theme movie night (don’t forget the spooky snacks!)
  25. Go on a fall camping trip
  26. Try painting pumpkins
  27. Create a festive Halloween charcuterie board 
  28. Build a life-size spiderweb with sticks and string
  29. Collect wildflowers and make a fall bouquet 
  30. Read Halloween books
  31. Make candy apples
  32. Solve a Halloween obstacle course
  33. Have a candy treasure hunt
  34. Create a Halloween sensory bin for your toddler
  35. Make your own ghostly pinata 
  36. Paint faces 
  37. Make DIY spiders out of popsicle sticks and pompoms 
  38. Play spooky charades 
  39. Have a witch’s broom race
  40. Do a Halloween word search
  41. Play pin the spider on the web
  42. Jump in a pile of leaves
  43. Have a fall picnic 
  44. Make homemade pumpkin pie
  45. Listen to Halloween music
  46. Have a costume contest with friends and family
  47. Play candy corn bingo
  48. Build a haunted gingerbread house
  49. Go on a ghost walk tour
  50. Go trick or treating! 

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