Introducing BrightPath's New BeeCurious Curriculum

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Mar 24, 2023

BeeCurious Logo featuring Buzz, the BrightPath mascot, jumping beside the words "BeeCurious" in yellow and blue lettering.

We have big news! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new BeeCurious Curriculum Framework at BrightPath coming soon!

The early years of a child's life are crucial for their cognitive, emotional, and social development. At BrightPath, we understand the importance of providing children with a stimulating and nurturing environment that promotes creativity, exploration, and inquiry-based learning. Our innovative early childhood education program is designed to foster a love of learning in our young learners, preparing them for future transitions and lifelong learning.

Our new curriculum framework, BeeCurious, is centered around creativity, with a focus on inquiry-based learning. This approach allows children to follow their natural curiosity and explore real-world concepts through hands-on learning experiences. The inquiry-based curriculum sparks wonder to keep children motivated to explore, create, adapt, persevere, and collaborate.


The Learning Environment 

Our classrooms are designed to be thoughtfully arranged, with inspiring learning areas, each equipped with a diverse array of materials. Care is given to ensure materials are authentic and inviting in nature to ignite that initial motivation to engage. Educators then create provocations within the environment designed to capture more excitement and create meaningful learning opportunities. These moments then call for the educators to actively partner with the children, identifying their true interests and facilitating their unique pathways to learning. Educators ask open-ended questions and thoughtfully provide materials to fuel interest and take skill development to a higher level.

An early learning educator exploring the new BrightPath BeeCurious curriculum framework with children.


Our Approach

Our approach allows for meaningful and child-centered education where both educators and children engage together in the inquiry process as they create, connect, and collaborate. Individual aptitudes, skills, knowledge, and needs will determine how complex a project becomes and how educators will plan their role in guiding and supporting children’s progress.

BeeCurious incorporates standardized core components that are essential for a child's early learning, including math, literacy, and social-emotional development.


Mathematics is an essential component of early learning, as it helps children develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and logical reasoning skills. Young children can learn math concepts through play-based activities, such as sorting, counting, and matching objects. These activities also help children develop early math skills, such as number recognition, one-to-one correspondence, and basic addition and subtraction.
Literacy is another critical component of early learning, as it helps children develop language and communication skills. Reading books, singing songs, and engaging in storytelling activities helps children develop early literacy skills, such as letter recognition, phonemic awareness, and vocabulary development. Additionally, providing opportunities for children to practice writing and drawing helps them develop fine motor skills and early writing skills.

Social-Emotional Development

Social-emotional development is also an essential component of the BeeCurious framework, as it helps children develop healthy relationships and emotional regulation skills. Children learn social-emotional skills through play-based activities that encourage cooperation, communication, and empathy. Educators help children develop social-emotional skills by modeling positive behaviors, providing emotional support, and helping children navigate conflicts.

Essential Skills

At BrightPath, we understand early years education is not just about academic learning. Our program is instilled with unique focus areas, including Essential Skills to help children develop the skills necessary for everyday life tasks. Furthermore, Global Citizenship and Environmental Stewardship is at the forefront of the curriculum to help children in becoming ambassadors of the earth and help students grow as responsible individuals.

Children using the Culinary Study of the new BrightPath BeeCurious curriculum at a daycare centre.


About The Studies

Within our Inquiry Approach, a unit of study is launched each month, each presented with a unique set of questions designed to provoke critical thought. As the study continues, the cycle continues with environmental provocations, thoughtful questions, and new learning opportunities. We cannot wait to see the personalized learning pathways that unfold through this journey.

Through various study topics, children will explore the world around them, develop a sense of self, and connect with their community. Here are some study topics that are incorporated into the BeeCurious Curriculum Framework throughout the year.

  1. Self-Study: The self-study celebrates a child's individuality and uniqueness, encouraging them to explore their identity and celebrate their distinct qualities. By encouraging children to look within themselves and discover their strengths, interests, and aspirations, self-study can empower them to be confident, independent individuals.
  2. Community Study: The community study promotes teamwork, collaboration, and a sense of belonging. By learning about their community and understanding how each individual impacts the larger group, children can develop a sense of social responsibility and connection to the world around them.
  3. All Around the World Study: The all-around-the-world study encourages children to explore and appreciate the diversity of our world. Through this study, children can learn about different cultures, languages, and environments, fostering an appreciation for the richness and variety of our global community.
  4. Sensory Study: The sensory study encourages children to explore and learn through their senses, including sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, and proprioception. By engaging their senses, children can develop a deeper understanding of the world around them, fostering curiosity and creativity.
  5. Culinary Study: The culinary study introduces children to the joys of cooking and healthy eating, providing opportunities to learn about nutrition, meal preparation, and food safety. By exploring different foods and cooking techniques, children can develop a love for culinary arts and a lifelong appreciation for healthy eating habits.
  6. Transportation Study: The transportation study provides children with an understanding of how people and things move from place to place, encouraging curiosity and wonder about the technological marvels that support our modern world.
  7. Construction Study: The construction study teaches children essential skills such as problem-solving, spatial awareness, and shape recognition, while also fostering creativity and imagination. By building and creating, children can develop a deeper understanding of the world around them and their role in shaping it.
  8. Animal Study: The animal study provides opportunities for children to explore and appreciate the diversity of the animal kingdom, fostering a sense of wonder and curiosity about the natural world. By learning about different animals and their habitats, children can develop an appreciation for the need for the preservation and conservation of our natural environment.
  9. Nature Study: The nature study allows children to connect with the natural world around them, developing a sense of wonder and appreciation for the beauty and complexity of our environment. Through this study, children can learn about the interdependence of living things and the importance of conservation and preservation.
  10. Water Study: The water study provides opportunities for children to learn about the properties of water, its importance in the environment, and its role in our bodies. By engaging in active, constructive, and collaborative activities, children can develop a deeper understanding of the importance of water in our lives and our environment.

An early childhood educator guiding infants through the new BrightPath BeeCurious curriculum framework at a BrightPath centre near you.


Educator Training

We believe that training and professional development are at the heart of our vision, and we value the impact of high-quality teaching in early childhood education. Educators are provided with continued professional development to help support our curriculum and program delivery. Our educators are skilled at nurturing children’s understanding of the world and themselves as they build on their individual needs, talents, interests and questions with hands-on, project-based learning.


At BrightPath, our early years curriculum framework, BeeCurious, is centered around creativity, inquiry-based learning, and nurturing the whole child. By providing children with a stimulating and nurturing environment that promotes creativity, exploration, and inquiry-based learning, we are preparing them for a bright future as lifelong learners, creating a strong sense of self, connecting with their community, and becoming active, responsible citizens of the world.

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