5 Ideas on How to Make the Most of Family Day

1 min
Feb 14, 2019

As we enjoy a long February weekend for Family Day, it’s important to stop and take a moment to actually be with your family! Need some inspiration? Here are five ways to make the most of your long weekend.

Get Outside

Even if it’s cold outside, it’s great to get outside and have some fun! Find a great hill to go sledding, strap on your skates and visit your community rink, or even just spend some time in the backyard. The fresh air does wonderful things for the kids – even if only for 15 minutes. Plus, afterwards you can make hot chocolate with all the fixings!

Community Events

There are often events happening in the community to celebrate Family Day. Or, you could go visit the latest festival. They typically are free, or low-cost, and are a fun way to get out in the community and experience or learn something new.

Spend the Day at Home

Often, family schedules can be so hectic that a nice option might just be staying home all day. What’s exciting about that? As long as you are present and in the moment, this can be a really special time. Play board games, build forts, have a no-screen day of activities. Or the opposite, curl up and watch a family movie together on an air mattress with popcorn and candy.

Commemorate the Day

Family Day is a great time to celebrate what’s unique about your family. Try making a craft together! Something as simple as everyone tracing their hands and placing each paper hand together in a frame you can cherish forever. You could create, or update, a family tree. Or even take some family photos. Any way for you to look back and remember how your family is today!

Visit Extended Family

Especially with it being a long weekend, Family Day doesn’t have to just be about your immediate family! Use the weekend to take a road trip and visit those family members you don’t see as often.

No matter what you choose to do, the important thing is being together and staying grateful for one another.

“Family isn’t an important thing. It’s everything.”

– Michael J. Fox