5 Healthy Afternoon Snacks for Toddlers

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Jan 29, 2020

When toddlers arrive home for the day from daycare or childcare, one of the first things they do is ask for food.

With dinner just a few hours away, afternoon snacks should be filling enough to tide them over until dinner but not too filling that they are not hungry later on.

Here are 5 healthy afternoon snacks your toddler is sure to love:

Homemade Trail Mix

You will need nuts, seeds and different kinds of dried fruit of your choosing. Have your child help you put each ingredient into separate bowls, this helps to get them involved in the kitchen at home. Then have your child take each bowl and place each ingredient into a large reusable container. You can also add some unbuttered popcorn to the container to add some fun to your trail mix or as a nut alternative!

Peanut-Free Ants On A Log

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For this recipe, cut up a few celery sticks and spread hummus over the middle of each one, ensuring it is covered. Take some seeds and raisins (you can also use other kinds of dried fruit) and place them along the logs of celery, you can get your toddler to help with this part to keep them engaged!

Toddler-Approved Green Smoothies

When it comes to green smoothies, toddlers tend to be less interested due to the bitter taste that accompanies them. This recipe is sure to be a hit with even your pickiest little ones.

Cut up your child’s favourite fruits, e.g. pineapple, berries and bananas. Place them into a blender along with ½ cup of cold water, 1 cup of baby spinach and a small amount of honey to add a touch of sweetness without an overload of sugar.

Blend it all together and pour into your child’s favourite cup, we recommend one with a lid!

Apple Cinnamon Chips

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While chips are usually an unhealthy snack option, these Apple Cinnamon Chips are sure to be a hit. This recipe takes a bit longer as it needs time to bake, we recommend preparing these in advance.

Preheat your oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove the seeds from your apple and cut it slices vertically into circles, your slices should be the entire height of the apple. In a bowl, mix some cinnamon and brown sugar, then toss in your apple slices until they are coated. Now, bake your apple chips for 2.5 hours.

After this time, they should come out of the oven crispy and ready to eat!

Banana Dog Bites

This recipe is quick and easy to make!

Peel 2 bananas and put them to the side. Take two whole-wheat tortillas and cover them with your choice of peanut butter, almond butter or sunflower butter. Place one banana in each tortilla and roll them tightly. Then cut each roll into bite-size pieces for your toddler to enjoy. Try adding in some raisins or blueberries for some extra flavour!