100 Fun Fall Activities for Kids (And The Whole Family!)

3 min
Oct 20, 2023

Enjoy these spooktacular activities with your family all season long!

These fun Fall activities for kids provide a wide range of indoor and outdoor options to keep children entertained and engaged during the autumn season. Enjoy making wonderful memories with your little ones!

Outdoor Activities:

  1. Jump into a pile of leaves.
  2. Go apple picking at an orchard.
  3. Take a nature hike and collect colourful leaves.
  4. Build a scarecrow in the backyard.
  5. Go on a hayride.
  6. Visit a pumpkin patch and choose your own pumpkin.
  7. Play tag or hide-and-seek in the crisp Fall air.
  8. Have a picnic in the park with Fall-themed snacks.
  9. Fly a kite on a breezy Fall day.
  10. Go on a bike ride through the changing leaves.
  11. Get lost in a corn maze.
  12. Visit a farm to see animals and learn about agriculture.
  13. Go on a scavenger hunt for acorns, pinecones, and leaves.
  14. Try geocaching in a local park.
  15. Play a game of frisbee or catch.
  16. Go camping with family or friends.
  17. Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows for s'mores.
  18. Play with colourful Fall-themed bubbles.
  19. Set up a backyard obstacle course.
  20. Explore a nature trail and identify different plants and animals.
  21. Have a family game of tag football.
  22. Go fishing at a nearby lake.
  23. Take a scenic drive to admire the Fall colours.
  24. Play mini-golf at a local course.
  25. Build and launch paper airplanes. 
  26. Have a family soccer or kickball match.
  27. Go birdwatching and identify local birds.
  28. Go on a scenic train ride.
  29. Play hopscotch with chalk on the driveway.
  30. Build a fort using blankets and cushions.
  31. Plant bulbs or Fall flowers in the garden.
  32. Create an outdoor obstacle course.
  33. Visit a botanical garden or arboretum.
  34. Explore a nearby town.
  35. Set up a lemonade stand with Fall-themed drinks.
  36. Have a family picnic by a river or lake.
  37. Go on a family hike to find waterfalls.
  38. Try your hand at rock painting.
  39. Set up a family photo scavenger hunt with a list of items to find and photograph around your neighbourhood or local park.
  40. Enjoy the serene Fall atmosphere and organize a family yoga session in your backyard.
  41. Create a giant outdoor art mural with chalk.
  42. Visit a local zoo or animal sanctuary.
  43. Have a family day at an amusement park.
  44. Walk around the neighbourhood and admire the eerie decorations.
  45. Play with remote-controlled cars or drones.
  46. Explore tide pools at the beach.
  47. Have a family tug-of-war competition.
  48. Go on a family paddleboat or canoe trip.
  49. Build a life-size spiderweb with sticks and string.
  50. Play with squirt guns on a warm Fall day.

Indoor Activities:

  1. Bake pumpkin or apple pies together.
  2. Make homemade applesauce.
  3. Create Fall-themed arts and crafts projects.
  4. Have a family movie night with classic Fall films.
  5. Build a cozy indoor fort with blankets and pillows.
  6. Try your hand at knitting or crocheting.
  7. Make DIY scented candles with Fall fragrances.
  8. Host a family board game night.
  9. Create leaf rubbings with crayons and leaves.
  10. Have a family painting session inspired by Fall.
  11. Bake and decorate Fall-themed cookies.
  12. Try your hand at making homemade jam or preserves.
  13. Have a family talent show or karaoke night.
  14. Make paper plate masks for Halloween.
  15. Create a gratitude jar and write down thankful notes.
  16. Make homemade Halloween costumes.
  17. Have a family puzzle-solving day.
  18. Make DIY Halloween decorations.
  19. Host a family cooking competition.
  20. Create a family scrapbook of your Fall adventures.
  21. Try your hand at making homemade soap.
  22. Have a family science experiment day.
  23. Build a Fall-themed indoor obstacle course.
  24. Create DIY Halloween treat bags.
  25. Make homemade hot cocoa with marshmallows.
  26. Have a family storytelling night with spooky tales.
  27. Decorate your home for Halloween.
  28. Try your hand at making homemade bath bombs.
  29. Host a family art show with your creations.
  30. Make homemade Halloween-themed greeting cards.
  31. Create a family recipe book with Fall dishes.
  32. Have a family fashion show with Fall outfits.
  33. Bake and decorate Halloween gingerbread houses.
  34. Make DIY Fall-themed wreaths.
  35. Have a family pottery painting session.
  36. Create a family herb or vegetable garden indoors.
  37. Try your hand at making homemade candles.
  38. Host a family spa day with DIY facials and massages.
  39. Make homemade slime with Fall colours.
  40. Create a Halloween sensory bin for your toddler.
  41. Have a family book club with Fall-themed books.
  42. Create a family DIY science fair.
  43. Make DIY bath salts with fragrant oils.
  44. Try your hand at indoor gardening with potted plants.
  45. Host a family chess or checkers tournament.
  46. Have a family baking competition.
  47. Make DIY tie-dye shirts with Fall colours.
  48. Create a family journal of your daily activities.
  49. Try your hand at indoor rock climbing.
  50. Host a family dance-off with your favorite tunes.

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