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Our dance programs are all full year programs with a dance recital to showcase the talents, progress and hard work that the children have put in throughout the year. We offer dance classes in tap, jazz, ballet, acro, hip hop and musical theatre. Our tap and jazz classes follow the ADAPT syllabus. Our ballet classes follow the RAD syllabus and acro classes follow the Acrobatic Arts syllabus.

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Folk Ukrainian Dance

Every Wednesday from 7:00pm - 8:00pm, step into the lively world of Ukrainian dance. Perfect for kids aged 7-9 years, this class is all about feeling the beat of traditional Ukrainian music and mastering those fun, foot-tapping dance moves. We dive deep into the heart of Ukraine's culture, bringing alive its vibrant rhythms, colorful costumes, and infectious spirit. Ready to join? It's just $70.00 per month and an $80 costume fee to get started.

Ukraine Folk Program

Creative Dance

Step into a world where dance meets imagination! For our young dancers aged 4-6 years, our Creative Dance class, held from 5:30-6:15pm, is a haven of self-expression. Embrace various dance forms, letting emotions flow freely with each step. This space is all about self-expression and finding one's unique groove. Join us on this rhythmic journey for a $70.00 monthly fee, and let your little one shine bright in our performances with a one-time $80 costume fee.


Karate - Session

Karate, is a Japanese martial art that develops the use of both body and mind and builds on a philosophy of perseverance and discipline. We offer several different karate programs to suit a variety of ages and skill levels. Participants work with our qualified instructors in a non-competitive, fun and save the environment while gaining strength, confidence, health and fitness.

We offer fall and winter session Karate courses for children ages 4 years and up. Children will learn from high quality, professionally trained instructors, and will have the opportunity to “earn their stripes” through a stripe & belt evaluation system.

Suggested attire for Karate: Comfortable bottoms (shorts, capris, or yoga pants) and a T-shirt or yoga top to allow for movement, with bare feet. Uniforms (Gi) are available upon request. Please speak directly with your instructor if interested in purchasing a Gi.


Adaptive Dance

An inclusive and accessible dance class designed for children with Trisomy 21, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and other developmental and/or physical differences. Our classes prioritize creative movement, physical expression, and fostering a warm, social environment. Sensory-friendly and adaptable to individual needs, we welcome aides and helpers in the class. To ensure the best experience for your child, please contact the studio with a description of your child’s unique needs before enrolling.


Circus Arts 

Everyone is enchanted by the circus! In this class, students will get hands-on experience with classic circus props like juggling, hula hooping, stilt walking, and more. As they dive into the circus world, they'll also hone their stage presence and presentation skills. By the course's end, students will master the fundamentals of prop manipulation, partner acro yoga, and even have the opportunity to focus on their most-loved skill, which can then be blended seamlessly into their dance routines.

Circus Art Bright Studio

Bass Burn Dance Fit

Ignite your mind, body, and spirit in this electrifying class. Guided by our highly trained instructors, you'll engage in carefully crafted routines designed to boost your strength, coordination, muscle tone, and cardiovascular fitness. Plus, with the infusion of pop, hip hop, and electronic beats, you'll find your spirit lifted, with that positive energy extending into your everyday activities. Come join us for a harmonious blend of fitness and good vibes!


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